one {disciplined} tiny step at a time

yup. my tiny booklets box!
i easily jump from one creative occupation to the next. i intend to draw and surprisingly i am painting pages in a tiny booklet. next i look up booklets in my to-finish-box. before long i am elbow deep in designing booklets. 

a tiny booklet i finished a while ago
i discover a few tiny booklets that desperately need photographing so they can hop into my online shop. and so my next step is to set up my mini studio and photograph the booklets in what tiny may light there is. 

studio photography session
because when i photograph these, and i look up my preps for the postcards i want to list, i can finally set up shop. and then i think. wait! all of the post and package razzmatazz needs to be sorted too. oh my. 

different style tiny booklet
and then i think, i so need a system, and a way to manoeuvre easily between the creative side of design, and the whole she-bang of getting an order to a buyer's door. and thus i need discipline. oh dear.

trying to keep up a system
and i suppose i could create a to-do-list, and a schedule i'll not keep to and an intention i will lose and some other chores that scream for attention and i remember how short a day is.

i will show the finished booklet later. soon
and then i sigh and i think, wasn't i happy this morning, as i was throwing some light on emily dickinson's bees poem, and i painted tiny pages that i then put together. and i remember... one. tiny. step. at. a. time. 

saturday. such fun

a very last splash of white paint from the tube 
i prepare a weekend blogpost during the week, but often i just write a more accurate one on the saturday. like today. it's evening, and it's been an interesting day, so i feel like rounding up on what was. 

one gigantic weeping willow across from the river path into lessines
i had the most amazing, the most inspiring and the shortest nature walk in wallony, just round the corner from where i live, early this morning. i set out to a thrift shop, and my alternative route paid off. 

some of my thrift shop haul
my thrifting was very rewarding too, not always the case. i found art books to take apart, a few crockery pieces and old wrapping paper which tells me once upon a time there was a Carnaby Street nearby. ☻

painting, erm... oh, what exactly? sssshhhtt... that would be telling
in the studio i am experimenting with a probable new 365 days project after the current one finishes. i've a few months left, and i usually get weary over halfway, which is like right now, and thinking up new themes is fun.

last weekend's lily-of-the-valley modelling for this week's tiny painting
so much fun that i almost lose interest in my current venture. i love working in the studio, listening to a podcast and letting the world go by. i don't mind one bit playing a bit of an ostrich.

today's mushroom, bok choi, mustard leaf, asparagus and bufala mozzarella sourdough pizza, just before baking
i expect sunday to run pretty much like saturday. that could sort of sound boring, but i'll have you know it is not. i'm loving every minute of my immersion and efforts, before monday will happen again. 

have a good sunday, everyone! ♥